Want to make your paper worksheet interactive?

Scannable Shomi Link that lets students instantly connect print to digital

Now you can, with the scannable Shomi Link that lets students instantly connect print to digital content using their mobile devices.

The Shomi Link is a unique nine-character font that you can generate, then copy and paste into any printed learning materials for your students, with each Link connecting to a specific piece of digital content. Students then use the Shomi app to scan the Link which takes them online.

The beauty of the Shomi Link is that it comfortably fits into a line of text, in any size or colour, allowing you to link as many resources as you want into your worksheet. That means, the ability to bring your one page of print to life with a variety of videos, slides, photos, games and other printed materials. The digital content can even be amended or deleted at any time after the Link is generated, making your worksheet content dynamic.

As we all know, students learn differently and work at a different pace. And the ability for each student to select which content works best for their own learning encourages active participation and engagement.

Particularly for younger learners, scanning the Shomi Link takes only seconds, compared to the time taken to type out long URLs which often result in manual errors.

And to top it off, this world’s first font based mobile linking platform captures data in real time, meaning you’ll get feedback on which resources students are using.

The Shomi App is free to download and use. Download the Shomi app here.

To download our worksheet examples, click here.

For instructions on how to generate a Shomi Link, click here.