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Menu Examples

Indian Menu Example:

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Educational Examples

Why do zombies love brains:

This is a great example of adding supporting multimedia content to create a richer learning experience. A digital reward at the end of the worksheet was included, perfect for engaging and motivating students.


Songs are a great teaching aid and here Shomi has been used to create multiple Links in a confined space to some great YouTube clips that use songs to teach.

Spelling words ending in -ant and -ent:

Shomi Link that takes the student to the answers to a spelling test which has been hosted on Google Drive, encourages self-teaching and self monitoring.

Multi digit multiplication:

In this example the teacher has used Shomi Link to include instructional videos, links to the answers, a digital reward and also to an online survey so that the teacher can get direct feedback from the student and make changes if needed.

El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro:

Shomi was used to include multimedia content to the worksheet, adding extra depth by taking plain paper and turning it into a digital paper.

Book review:

Shomi can be used on stickers to add student reviews to library books. It is a much more interactive and fun alternative to a written synopsis on the back cover.

Sheet music:

Sheet music is the building block of any musical education. The blueprint to imagination and emotion of generations that span across history. From Beethoven to Beck, it’s one thing that binds all musical artists and students together. At Shomi, we think it’s time that this essential tool of the musician comes into the 21st century. By simply inserting a Shomi link at the top of the sheet music, you can easily point toward youtube videos of the piece you’re performing to gain greater context and insight into playing your piece of music.