There are many ways where Shomi can be used in education.

Here is a list of some of our favourites.

  1. Use Shomi Links to add multimedia content to worksheets. There is a wealth of supporting digital content to help students. YouTube is full of great content refer to our section on YouTube. There are also some other excellent resources like , Discovery Education and PBS Learning Media for examples.
  2. Add survey questions to worksheets to get direct feedback on how effective they are or if students are having issues. You can use services like Survey Monkey to create free questionn-aires to link to.
  3. Use Shomi Links to direct students to apps they need to download.
  4. Link to Google Drive or DropBox files or folders.
  5. Put stickers on equipment with information on how to use the equipment or how to assemble it, how often do manuals go missing?
  6. Include videos on science experiments.
  7. Add Shomi Links to anatomical models with supplementary information.
  8. Let students create their own video book reviews and place them on books, much more engaging than reading the synopsis.
  9. Make the yearbook come alive with videos from the students, examples of their work throughout the year or images of school camps and excursions.