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New EdTech App, Shomi, To Lift Student Learning Engagement

24 May 2016

Learners now have a new tool to increase their engagement with multiple resources, with the launch of the Shomi App, a scannable link that instantly takes printed materials to online content.

The Shomi link is a unique nine-character font that teachers generate, then copy and paste into any printed learning materials. Each link connects to a specific piece of content, which can provide data tracking and collect direct student feedback.

“The beauty of the Shomi link is that it comfortably fits into a line of text, in any size or colour, allowing the teacher to link as many resources as he or she wants into an instructional, research, activity or revision sheet,” said Shomi creator Tony Williams.

“The link can even be amended or deleted at any time after it is generated, making learning content dynamic.”

The idea for Shomi was born when Williams, an Australian entrepreneur with a passion for science and technology, came across a clunky square code in a magazine advertisement that simply took up too much printed space.

“A font-based link provides flexibility, with the ability for educators to present a variety of digital content from a large number of sites, all in one printed sheet,” he said.

As leading education researcher and speaker, Robert Marzano, in his model for teaching effectiveness highlights the importance of using technology to help students relate to new content and create connections to prior learning, Shomi provides valuable feedback for teachers in what supplementary content students are engaging and in which areas they need more support.

“Students learn differently and work at a different pace,” said Williams, a father of two primary aged children. “The ability to select which content works better for their own learning, encourages active participation and engagement.”

Particularly for younger learners, Open World Learning (OWL) site leader, Timothy Klein, who is based at Edgewater Elementary School in Jefferson County, Colorado, said the “one scan and go” simplicity is invaluable.

Klein, who attended a Shomi Link demonstration, said: “Supplementary digital learning content require students to type out long URLs which often results in lower completion rates. With Shomi, it only takes one second to take a student from print to digital.”

“And what Shomi does, is add a cool and fun dimension to what some students might consider a dull piece of assignment.”

For instructions on how to generate a Shomi link, Click here or scan @JQiw2tRe.

The Shomi App is free to download and use. To download the Shomi app.

To download worksheet examples try our example page or scan @xEybZ62l.

About Shomi

Shomi is a scannable link that uses a unique font to instantly connect print to digital content – the world's first font-based mobile linking platform that captures data in real time. Its efficiency and versatility means Shomi can be used in a broad range of applications, from education, to publishing, to packaging, to marketing.

The Shomi founding team of Tony Williams, James Oppenheim and Peter Kumaschow, together have more than 30 years of experience in web design, software development, project management, marketing and sales in both offline and online based businesses. In 2014, Shomi was one of 10 top Australian businesses selected to participate in Google Australia’s Start-up program.

Shomi will soon embark on its next phase of development, with added features and capability in data capture.

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